Thursday, April 21, 2011

PSN down. Hackers to blame!?!?!

Well for the last few days I have not been able to log in to Sonys' website or been able to link my Steam account to my PSN account. I looked on the forums and could not find anything relating to my issue. There were however, several posts about intermittent outages and some services that were unavailable for short periods. Some were also having issues with the auto log-in feature. Uncheck the "auto log-in" box and logging in manually sometimes resolved the issue after repeated attempts. 

This morning, reviewing my tweets from the late night hours I see that there are several concerning PSN outages. FINALLY, Sony has acknowledged the issue although, they claim to not know what is wrong and are working to resolve and maintain service. They hinted on their blog that this may be the cause of "outside parties" and if it is they thank us for taking the brunt of the attack. Last week Anonymous (a group of hackers) threatened to attack Sonys' website and other services but not the PSN. Seems as though they cant tell which is which. They cannot be winning any support with this attack, I for one will only support Sony on this issue. In the end we the PSN subscribers will be the only ones suffering. Unable to play three of the most anticipated games of the year for a few days.

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