Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well, its been eight days since the Playstation network went down and alot has transpired since then. There have been many updates and an email sent to all 77 million users of the PSN. According to Sony the network will be back up within a week from April 26th. they also stated that our billing info, username and password, email and secret question with answer was compromised and should take the proper steps to secure your credit. However they are not positive that credit card was taken which in fact was encrypted while the personal info was not. I for one are not worried about mu CC info however I did take Sonys' advice and placed a fraud alert on my wifes and my own credit file through equifax. This is a free service that adds an additional layer of security between you and the banks to confirm your identity in case someone requests credit in your name. This may add a few days to any application for credit. You only have to place the alert with one agency. The other two will fall in line once they see you have placed an alert with the first.

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