Thursday, May 5, 2011

Game Rating Guide

I guess if I am going to be reviewing games I should define what will be reviewed. To me a good game is one that I want to play (playability), keeps me interested in how the end plays out (story), makes my eyes pop out (graphics),  and ears tingle (audio), and doesn't feel repetitive (replay value). Each of these will be graded on a scale of one to five. The over-all score will be out of a possible 25 points. This formula is experimental and subject to various tweaks as the flaws emerge. If my theory is correct it will be very hard for a game to score perfect, as no game should obtain a 5 in all categories.

Example Game
     Graphics:          4
     Story:               5
     Playability:        4
     Audio               3
     Replay Value:   3
     Overall Score: 19

This would be a better than average game however not a great one. Great games I would consider +20, good 19-15, average 14-10, 9-5 poor and 4-1 unplayable! Very few games will be in the unplayable category.

After a few months I will review my criteria and adjust it if necessary.

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