Thursday, May 12, 2011

PSN Restoration

Well Wednesday came and went without the PSN coming back online. My next guess will be the end of the week although I am not sure it will be that long. Otherwise, they would again have told us by weeks end in the last update on the Playstation blog. Again they did not give us a firm date only to say within a few days. I can understand why they are not giving us a firm date. However, my frustration continues to grow. In the beginning I felt that Sony would be prompt and keep us apprised of all updates. This has NOT been the case at all! Time frames of network up time have come and gone and what little information that is released is simply regurgitated over and over. 

Hopefully, in the future we will look back on this and say "I am so glad they took the extra days to get the PSN right" . For me this will only come if more features are added and I feel that Sony has done their best to welcome us back!

Please come back PSN we all miss you!!!

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