Sunday, May 8, 2011

PSN Outtage

Well the week has ended and no PSN. Today is day nineteen without all the pleasures that we have been accustomed to over the last years. Sony came out on Friday to tell us that the "external intrusion" into the SOE servers was worse than first thought. Although they did not say when the PSN would be back on they again assured that security was the utmost importance. Seems as though security should have been of the utmost importance from day one. I have stated that I do not blame Sony for what the hackers have done but, I feel that they are now hiding behind this security concern now. They appear to really have no idea as to when this issue will be resolved. It is also possible that after a some testing, more flaws have been discovered, and to refrain from further embarrassment simply told us that the system wont be ready as last indicated.

Other blog updates from last week informed us about the credit protection plan which insures us up to $1 million for a year. Also we were told about an appreciation plan that includes a free month in addition to the days the PSN is down and anywhere from 2 - 4 games. I have heard two from a list of five for PS3 and two from a list of four on the PSP.

DCUO and FreeRealms subscribers are also promised something special as well as time added on to thier account. DCUO blog indicated that everyone will receive a Batman mask. The stats better be off the chart!

Some non-official reports around the web have hinted at "Cross game chat" and other new features added to the PSN. I wont elaborate more much other than to say that you can find these via twitter or youtube. I would personally love to see some upgrades but I simply wish to play with my friends.

When the PSN does come back online you will have to download a firmware update and change your password. This seems to be the only rock solid information that Sony has revealed.


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