Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Socom 4

Went to Gamestop last night at midnight to get Socom 4 and Portal 2. As luck would have it there was a drawing for Mortal Kombat, I did not win. Impressions after playing each game for a few moments were good however caffeinated I may have been.

Today is much different.  Socom 4 is missing the ability to group before you enter a match. Do developers not watch whats going on around them? Did Zipper not see what happen with Slant 6 and Socom Confrontation? It was added later but was a major point in the games ill reception. Do they think that this game is online friendly without this? To me, the ability to group before you get into a match is essential to team play and something that makes the elite titles elite.

The core game may be great but if I cant get hooked up with my buddies before a match then I probably wont play. There are so many games that make it too easy to group up.

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